What is Lip Filler?

Lip filler, also called dermal fillers or lip augmentation, injects a gel-like substance into the lips,

enhancing appearance by adding volume and hydration using hyaluronic acid.

Advantages of Lip Fillers

These fillers offer varied benefits—increasing lip volume, refining contours, and minimizing fine lines. Customizable for individual preferences, they provide temporary yet personalized solutions.

Achieving Your Desired Look

Results vary from subtle to dramatic, tailored to your preferences.

Our experts at White Pearl Medical Spa ensure a customized experience, meeting your aesthetic needs perfectly.

Skilled injectors make the difference, rectifying thin lips, altering lip shape,

and addressing age-related lines or excessive gum exposure, catering to various needs with finesse.

Lip Treatment Corrections

Lip Treatment Corrections

Prepare effectively by communicating your desires during the consultation, avoiding blood thinners, and staying hydrated for optimal recovery and desired results.

Post-Lip Filler Care

Minimize swelling with cold compresses, stay hydrated, protect from sun exposure, 

and avoid strenuous activities for faster healing and optimal results.

Embrace Irresistible Lips

At White Pearl Med Spa, unlock the allure of fuller, captivating lips.

Experience the transformative power of lip fillers. Call for a consultation in Des Plaines, IL: