Enjoy body sculpting with minimum invasive treatment options available at our office

If you want to contour your body, our exceptional body sculpting treatments in Northwest Illinois, might be right for you! At White Pearl Med Spa, we focus on less invasive treatments and a more holistic approach towards a healthier, more attractive body. Our team is pleased to offer the following body sculpting services for new and current patients at our practice: 

  • Tumescent Liposuction. While traditional liposuction with a plastic surgeon is a reliable way of removing unwanted fat, it also comes with extensive downtime, healing, and recovery. It can also leave behind extensive scarring. Instead, the team at White Pearl Medical Spa may suggest the benefits of tumescent liposuction, which can remove unwanted fat in specific areas of the body with less downtime and reduced risks.  
  • Lymphatic Massage. Lymphatic massage is a unique method of treating the lymphatic system and lymph nodes designed to remove toxins, waste, and excess fluids from the body. Our trained and experienced therapists who perform lymphatic massage will tailor the treatment to each patient’s needs. 
  • Weight Loss. Our practice can help you reach your ideal weight through a diet-based program that allows you to eat real food and avoid starvation–which can derail your progress and even result in gaining back the original weight. This is because these diets, such as diet pills, weight loss shakes, and calorie counting, do not result in long-term success. We provide sustainable options and individualized care to ensure that the program selected for you works with your body AND your lifestyle! 
  • Semaglutide Weight Loss. Semaglutide is a drug originally developed for diabetes that was FDA approved for weight loss in 202. It reduce appetite and helps with metabolism. Safe and effective once weekly injection.
  • Vitamin Injections. If you have a vitamin deficiency, it can also have a direct impact on your desired weight loss goals. We offer vitamin injections that ensure a balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help you look and feel your best! 

Find out which body sculpting treatment is right for you!

Whether you choose just one treatment for a more desirable body or are considering combining treatments for faster, more effective results, we encourage you to contact Dr. Philip G. Conrardy of White Pearl Med Spa in Northwest Illinois, to schedule an initial evaluation and consultation appointment. The office is located at 1952 South River Road and can be reached by phone at (847) 238-8861.