Spend less time sick and more time enjoying life with an infusion of immune-boosting nutrients!

Do you always seem to have a cold? Have you maxed out all of your sick time? Does it take forever for even a minor scrape or sore to heal? Are you tired and stressed all the time? If you can relate too much to these statements, your immune system may not be functioning as well as it should be. Fortunately, White Pearl Medical Spa in Northwest Illinois, is well-equipped to build your body’s natural defenses safely and quickly against germs and other invaders that can make you feel less than your best most days. 

Immune booster IV drip to the rescue!

Led by double board-certified physician Dr. Philip Conrardy, our team may recommend intravenous vitamin hydration therapy. This type of therapy is not any one thing and is highly customizable (based on our patients’ unique needs). We determine what combination of minerals, vitamins, fluids, electrolytes, and other essential nutrients are best suited to boost your immunity or to resolve other concerns – ranging from brain fog to brittle nails and bald patches.  

By introducing and replenishing the body with these vital substances, our team fights the nutritional deficiencies frequently at the root of many common complaints and changes that can dramatically and adversely affect your life. You deserve to spend more time enjoying the activities you love and less time on the couch or in bed, feeling sick and miserable. 

Although the nutrients in IV therapy can vary greatly between patients, the overall process remains the same. The specific “cocktail” or blend of nutritional essentials is administered via a tube/needle inserted into a vein. As an alternative to oral supplements (pills or tablets taken by mouth), IV therapy works quickly by bypassing the digestive system. These nutrients are delivered and absorbed rapidly in the body. 

In fact, soon after just one 30- to 60-minute treatment session, some of our patients have told us that they already feel more energized and are in a better mood. So, imagine the longer-term effects of maintaining therapy sessions as recommended by our professionals. Follow-up is important because we must assess how well your body is responding and make necessary adjustments. Maintenance sessions can then be scheduled to sustain long-term improvements in the frequency and severity of sicknesses and infections. 

Depending on what we find, a powerful blend of vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and minerals may be just the immune boost that your body needs. Some of the most beneficial essentials to address immunity challenges include glutathione, Vitamin C, B vitamins, and magnesium

Call (847) 238-8861 without delay to schedule a consultation at our practice in Des Plaines, Northwest Suburbs, IL. Your renewed health and exuberant self await at White Pearl Medical Spa!