Getting to the root of hair loss. the first step in restoring your crowning glory!

At White Pearl Medical Spa, our team is skilled and highly knowledgeable about advanced technologies to support recovery and rejuvenation! And nothing quite rejuvenates one’s appearance and well-being quite like hair restoration services.

Restoring your crowning glory in Northwest Illinois

Our team is led by a double-boarded physician and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Philip G. Conrardy. You can trust that our treatment plans and approaches are personalized to your needs and goals and support utmost safety and exceptional results and satisfaction from those outcomes. After all, Dr. Conrardy’s investments in training and technologies set the tone. All members of our team are equipped with the knowledge to perform the latest techniques and treatments in the most predictable, comfortable, and low-risk manner possible.

As with all services available at our practice, hair restoration starts with an evaluation. We literally want to get to the root of the problem. It is common to lose anywhere from, say, 50 to 100 hairs daily. But many people don’t miss these hairs because new strands are growing all the time. However, noticeable thinning or bald patches are often a motivation to consult with our team.

There are numerous potential sources of hair loss or a degradation in hair quality. Sometimes, hormonal changes, systemic illnesses and medications used to treat them can be to blame. Even something as seemingly innocuous as hairstyling and chemical treatments can damage the follicles. Hair grows through these structures. For the many men (as well as women) affected by androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness), genes are to blame. Other factors include advancing age and hormones.

Depending on what we find as the result of a thorough medical review and evaluation at our Chicagoland office, we may recommend the following interventions:

  • Medications to stop hair from shedding and encourage hair growth
  • Nonsurgical therapies to thicken the hair (PRP + Micro needling)
  • Lifestyle adjustments, from feeding hair with nourishing diets and supplements to avoidance of certain products and styles

Additionally, procedures such as surgical hair restoration or a hair transplant may be on the horizon for some candidates. Nonsurgical interventions may not be appropriate for all types of hair loss. So, for individuals with permanent bald patches, we may discuss today’s modern and natural approach to restoring hair in the areas that need it most. Generally, this process involves extracting the follicles from areas that are “resistant” to pattern balding and then eventually transferring those follicles to the bald spots. With advanced instruments, techniques, and adjuncts, we can support a full, healthy head of hair in the least invasive manner possible.

Your confident, youthful, and vibrant appearance awaits at White Pearl Medical Spa! Call (847) 238-8861 with questions and to schedule your consultation at our office in Des Plaines, Northwest Suburbs, IL, today.