IV hydration therapy restores your natural radiance and beauty from the inside out

At White Pearl Medical Spa, we bring out our patients’ healthy and natural best. Led by double-boarded physician and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Philip Conrardy, our team in Northwest Illinois, provides an array of therapies to renew and sustain attractive, vibrant, and healthy features. 

We can even restore your youthful, confidence-boosting appearance from the “inside out” with the “Inner Beauty IV Drip.” Intravenous therapy allows us to replenish the minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that our bodies lose and need. Numerous nutritional deficiencies can affect how we look. 

Consider how a lack of B vitamins is associated with everything from rashes and eczema to skin ulcers and an unhealthy, pale, or yellow complexion. Biotin (or vitamin B7) is specifically responsible for the metabolic processes that help the body to convert food into energy. When this vitamin is lacking, it can result in brittle or cracked nails and thin, dull hair. 

When administered safely and intravenously (into a vein), just the right combination or “cocktail” of minerals and other nutritional essentials may be delivered directly to the bloodstream, where they are distributed to and absorbed by the body’s cells and tissues. Since IV vitamin hydration therapy goes to work much faster than oral supplements, our patients can begin to experience all the benefits quickly. Typically, they may notice thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair, stronger nails, and more radiant, less inflamed skin. 

Additionally, we know that negative stress (distress) and other problems with mental health can affect our appearance, too. Some of these nutrients, such as glutathione, have a variety of whole-health benefits. Not only does this powerhouse antioxidant help to diminish signs of aging on the skin, like hyperpigmentation, but it is also vital to improve mental focus, clarity, energy, and immune system function. 

Of course, a well-hydrated body does your appearance a world of good. Dry skin tends to look and feel leathery, rob you of your “glow,” and make lines and wrinkles look worse and more pronounced. We can hydrate the skin from the inside out with highly personalized IV therapy. Soft, supple skin is an excellent foundation for a glowing visage that exudes confidence and health. 

Look at revitalizing your skin, hair, and nails in a new light. Find out more about IV vitamin hydration therapy to restore your natural beauty, starting from the inside, by calling White Pearl Medical Spa in Des Plaines, Northwest Suburbs, IL, at (847) 238-8861 today.