Fight fatigue by boosting your body’s natural energy powerhouses with IV therapy

All of us feel tired at some point. However, a persistent or frequent lack of energy is a common concern faced by our valued patients at White Pearl Medical Spa in Northwest Illinois. Fortunately, our team, led by double board-certified physician Dr. Philip Conrardy, has the perfect antidote to chronic fatigue that can interfere with everyday function and quality of life: IV vitamin hydration therapy. 

Also known as an IV drip, the intravenous infusion of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients presents a fast way to get a big, transformative energy boost. This approach involves introducing and replenishing the body with nutrients that may be in short supply and can contribute to sluggishness. By bypassing the digestive system, these beneficial substances enter the bloodstream and are quickly delivered to and absorbed by the cells, tissues, and other parts of the body. So, they can go to work quicker than oral supplements taken in pill or tablet form by mouth. 

This therapy also allows for the highest concentration of these nutritional powerhouses to be delivered and absorbed by the cells that need them the most. Additionally, our professionals provide highly personalized “medicine.” Following an assessment, we can determine your body’s needs. Then, a “cocktail” is created that includes those nutrients that may be in short supply and can help to lift how your body uses food for energy. 

After all, our energy levels are often dictated by what we eat and how well we sleep. Energizing IV hydration therapy helps address deficiencies, and certain vitamins promote better sleep. Some of the most beneficial, energy-boosting vitamins and other nutrients include: 

  • B vitamins – Deficiencies associated with even one B vitamin can interfere with the entire process of biochemical reactions that are needed to convert food into energy. Notably, vitamin B12 is a significant source of fatigue-related complaints. Certain groups are particularly vulnerable and could benefit from therapies to boost the body’s stores of B12. They include vegetarians, vegans, and other individuals who do not consume sufficient amounts of proteins; individuals aged 50 and older; and pregnant or lactating women. These vitamins, as well as natural energy sources like magnesium, also feature in our popular Myers cocktail for IV therapy.
  • Amino acids – Notably, L-carnitine’s main role is energy production and mitochondrial function. It is tasked with transporting fatty acids to the specialized structures or mitochondria within the cells, which can then be burned for energy. We can also combine L-carnitine with B12 and other amino acids like methionine to produce a “skinny” infusion, a vitamin cocktail designed to promote endurance and energy while also speeding up the liver’s ability to process fats efficiently. This characteristic helps make it easier to lose weight and slim down quickly. 
  • Antioxidants – An IV drip “favorite,” glutathione and other powerful antioxidants take direct aim at the free radicals or reactive oxygen species that result from oxidative stress and can damage the mitochondria. When these “organelles” are damaged, they cannot properly support vital functions like energy production. Made naturally in the liver, glutathione is a detoxifier that, by reducing toxins, helps the cells to function better. Our patients experience greater vitality, better immune function, and a notable improvement in focus, clarity, sleep, and endurance. 

You deserve to feel your healthy best. White Pearl Medical Spa helps you to “get there.” Call (847) 238-8861 to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled professionals in Des Plaines, Northwest Suburbs, IL, today.