Shedding light on powerful yet non-aggressive laser therapies to bring out the best in your skin, features

At White Pearl Medical Spa, laser technologies are a perfect and powerful complement to our team’s considerable knowledge and skill. Led by double-boarded physician and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Philip Conrardy, our professionals in Northwest Illinois, use versatile laser- and light-based treatments to resolve a wide array of conditions efficiently, comfortably, and precisely. These conditions range from unwanted hair and acne breakouts, to fine lines, visible pores, and diffuse redness that detracts from your overall appearance and confidence. 

Shining a light on laser therapies

All lasers and similar devices work in generally the same way; in the hands of one of our skilled professionals, the laser is directed toward the treatment site. A targeted beam of intense laser light is delivered precisely to the tissues within the treatment zone. This process generates therapeutic energy, which then goes to work to promote a number of aesthetic benefits. 

For instance, we can use lasers as a minimally invasive alternative to more aggressive cosmetic procedures. These laser systems are so precise that they only affect the tissues needing treatment and leave the surrounding areas untouched. Due to the light-touch nature of these devices, treatment is largely tolerated well by most patients. We can discuss the addition of numbing topicals for utmost comfort, too. Always, your comfort and experience are our priority. 

Since these modalities are not aggressive, there is little to “recover from.” Treatment is fast, which minimizes time “chairside,” and minimal downtime is typically required following your procedure. Any side effects are limited to the treatment area, usually minor, and subside quickly. So, there are generally few demands on your body and time for healing, recovery, preparation, and care before and after treatment. 

The specific system and the number of treatments that may be needed to get your desired results depends on the particular concern or condition being treated and the severity of said concern. Our laser options at White Pearl Medical Spa include hair removal with the Cervello system and the ADVATx® for skin resurfacing

The former therapy is considered an efficient and comfortable alternative to other types of permanent hair reduction and removal, such as electrolysis. The latter option gently removes damaged layers of skin to reveal unblemished, healthier, and more vibrant-looking skin underneath. It also safely and deeply penetrates the skin to promote the production of new collagen. This firming protein is made naturally by our bodies, but its production begins to slow as we age. 

ADVATx® can be applied to renew this beneficial process. It is indicated to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation (brown spots and melasma), big pores, red discoloration and rosacea, broken blood vessels, active acne, scars, poor texture, and other signs of aging. 

Lasers may also be combined with the myriad of other technologies and types of therapies available at our office in Des Plaines, Northwest Suburbs, IL. Call (847) 238-8861 today to schedule your consultation and get one step closer to restoring your natural, beautiful, and healthy best.