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As the world of cosmetic treatments continues to evolve, there is no doubt that the newest and most effective treatment method is plasma. It provides results that are one step above other laser treatments. Plasma achieves phenomenal results utilizing its own unique path to fractional skin resurfacing. In our ongoing commitment to excellence, White Pearl Medical Spa is excited to be on the cutting edge as the first practice in Des Plaines & Chicago, IL to purchase the Opus Plasma technology from Alma Lasers.

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What Is Opus Plasma?

If you are looking for the absolute “game-changer” procedure available within the industry, look no further! The Opus Plasma will replicate the outcomes of various different modalities already on the market – but with less discomfort and incredibly less downtime than the alternatives. With one device we can achieve (and exceed) the results of everything from RF Micro-needling to a CO2 laser skin treatment – and everything in between. Whereas many ablative procedures are beyond intense to endure, the Opus Plasma provides phenomenal results without need for anesthesia and without the downtime typically associated with these other procedures.

The Opus Plasma uses unipolar radiofrequency energy as its primary method of treating skin tone, texture, and even skin laxity. When the device is placed near the skin, the charged metal tips of the roller head react to atmospheric pressure and generate plasma right from the air and creates tiny channels in the skin. This, in turn, induces fractional injuries in the microthermal zones of one’s skin. The outcome? The holy grail of collagen and elastin production is stimulated resulting in skin that is bright, firm, and highly oxygenated.

Healthy Skin

What Skin Issues Can The Opus Plasma Treat?

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Unwanted Pigmentation/Age Spots
  • Dullness and Skin Texture
  • Scaring and/or Stretch Marks
  • Acne Scars
  • Marionette Lines
  • Reduced Pore Size
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How Many Opus Plasma Treatments Are Necessary For Optimal Results?

You will absolutely notice the results after only one treatment, but like most procedures, the magic “three-pack” is where you will get your biggest wow factor. This allows our team to really customize a treatment for you, increasing the intensity of each one as you navigate the process. You will find that after each treatment your skin will continue to improve exponentially. Note that as much as we would like to halt the aging process – it continues whether we like it or not. Regular maintenance will be required every 6 months to a year after your initial treatment package is completed.

Enhancing Beauty with Opus Plasma Eye Stamping at White Pearl Medical Spa

Join us for an insightful session at White Pearl Medical Spa as Rachel demonstrates the meticulous technique of Opus Plasma Eye Stamping on Susan Stone. Discover how this innovative procedure tightens and rejuvenates the delicate areas around the eyes, reducing dark circles, sun spots, and fine lines. Witness the careful application of RF microneedling and Opus Plasma technology, ensuring a comfortable and effective treatment for a radiant, youthful appearance.

>> Speaker 1: This Rachel White Pearl Med Spa. We’re going to be doing the Opus Plasma Eye stamping right now on Susan Stone, who we saw earlier. The eye stamping is something I do immediately after I take off the numbing cream because it is a little bit sensitive areas under the eye and I’m just the lid, upper and lower of the lid. So we’ll go ahead and start with that and then I will change to the glide wheel and it’s a different procedure.
>> Speaker 2: Okay, here we go. Go ahead and set the power up
>> Speaker 1: To
>> Speaker 2: 25. Alright,
>> Speaker 1: Put this right over you.
>> Speaker 2: Okay. Alright.
>> Speaker 1: Look up for me.
>> Speaker 2: Just cord is
>> Speaker 1: All right. Ready?  How’s that?
>> Speaker 2: Fine. Okay,
>> Speaker 1: So you’re numb. Good. So basically what I’m doing here with the lower eye, the RF microneedling and this, the RF inside this opus plasma, they’re very, very similar as far as what they do with the tightening. So with this RF and the Opus plasma, we’re tightening [00:01:30] the area under the lid and the upper lid as well. Also, another thing that the eye stamping is great for is going to be any kind of spotting around the eye, eight spots, sun spots, any kind of dark circles. It’s really good for that as well. Go ahead and close your eye. Do right below the eyebrow here, making sure we do not lift up at all. This has to be touching the skin completely, or it’ll give our client a shock. We don’t want to do that. So I’m going to lift up and do above the lid.
>> Speaker 2: Okay.
>> Speaker 1: Go ahead and look up again. I’m going to do the second round. I usually do two passes. How’s it feel? Still pretty good. Numb? Yes,
>> Speaker 2: It’s good.
>> Speaker 1: Right underneath on one the bone as well that you  All right. So she does have a couple of pigmentation issues here, so I’m going to go right over the one dark spot. I see. And then I’m going to go over to the lip because she doesn’t like the lines in her lip for an extra tightening. How’s it feel? Good. Okay, so you’re pretty numb, so that’s good. Very good.  Okay. That’s the first round on this side, so I’m going to do it again.  All right. And then you can just stop recording there.

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For Anyone and Everyone

Who Is A Good Candidate For Opus Plasma?

Whether you are looking to visually reduce the signs of aging or simply want the best opportunity to care for and provide regular maintenance for your skin, the Opus Plasma is for you! This highly affordable procedure is incredibly tolerable for most people and will really provide one of the best bangs for the buck in the industry. It is a wonderful complement to other procedures like Ultherapy, Chemical Peels, Micro-Needling, Botox, and Fillers.


How much does plasma skin tightening cost?

The expense of plasma skin tightening will depend completely on the number of sessions you require to reach your goals. During your first appointment, we will go over your aesthetic goals and produce a unique treatment plan, which consists of a cost quote.

How many treatments will I need to achieve the look I want?

Your ideal number of treatments will depend on the original laxity of your skin, as well as your cosmetic goals. During your exam, we will inquire about your goals and concerns so we can determine how many appointments would best suit you.

Can I have RF skin tightening with other treatments?

Yes. Plasma skin tightening can be performed on its own or as an enhancement to additional treatments. Many of our patients prefer to receive plasma skin tightening alongside other noninvasive treatments.